Starry Night(s) Shopping In Elora

by Jammed Lovely ~ November 12th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.


starlightnoticeElora as a village is so amazing! They are always putting on some sort of fun, wild event! Coming up next we have our two nights of Starry Night Shopping in Elora. November 19th and 20th all of the stores in Elora will be open until at least 9pm, decorated for the holidays and most will be serving apple cider and snacks! But come early, we were so busy last year that we were open until 10:30pm! Here is a copy of our specials for the night.


A little reminder to all of our happy shoppers:
 We are open Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights until 7pm June until Christmas so feel free to come see us after you get off work at 5pm! If you think you will be a little late PLEASE feel free to give us a call 519.846.8890 and we’ll be more than happy to stay open later for you (unless of course, Survivor is on, and than your SOL :) We also have a little promotion to encourage everyone to come between 5-7pm. Following is a notice telling everyone our holiday extended hours; at the bottom is a coupon for an extra 10% off your purchases between 5-9pm, so please feel free to print out the coupon and bring it on in!

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